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Thursday, June 30, 2011

KONTRAST presents VINCENZO (Dessous / Poker Flat)

Vincenzo's serious interest in music began as a teenager, listening to Hip Hop and other styles of black music. Later, in the late 80's, when Acid House reached the europe, he was infected by the sound and energy of this new type of club music. He started out his dj career playing at small clubs and private parties and soon Vincenzo found himself involved in the Hamburg club scene.

Steve Bug, who lived in Hamburg at that time, noticed Vincenzo's talent and invited him to play at the party-series "Reduced" at Hamburgs cult club F.R.O.N.T.. Alongside his djing, Vincenzo started producing music and in the end of 1995, he released his rst single together with Sandro Catallo, called "Brunchbox EP" on Steve Bug's label Raw Elements. His rst solo track "Enchantment" followed on the rst Raw Elements compilation.

Together with Du er Swift, Vincenzo released on labels Stickman/Canada and on Stoopidness (a sub label to phono) under the name "Cascade". In addition, Vincenzo released a number of singles on Raw Elements. In the end of 1997, Vincenzo left Germany to spend time in New York City, where he teamed up Alexi Delano (Svek).

1998 was the year of Vincenzo's solo album debut. The record was called "1-800 Vincenzo" and was released on Dessous Recordings. It gained world wide attention and established Vincenzo as an internationally respected producer. Two tracks on the album were released on separate ep's, "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" including a remix by I: Cube and "King's Last Ride" featuring a rework by Ian Pooley.

In the summer of 1999, Vincenzo teamed up with DJ Rasoul, a shooting star house dj from san fransisco, for a collaboration under the name "Days Drive By". Vincenzo also began producing music together with Nottingham's John Buckby a.k.a. Schmoov, as well as djing worldwide.

In 2001, Vincenzo compiled and mixed the successful rst "Strip Joint Grooves" compilation. The great success underlined his dj talent once more and many international bookings followed across. Together with Elmar Schubert, Vincenzo delivered the second "Satin Soul ep" for San Fransisco's "Transport" label. Meanwhile, his solo ep "Different Cities, Different Songs" on Dessous Recordings had turned into a club hit, played frequently in house clubs worldwide.

After the sucess of the first "Strip Joint Grooves" compilation, the second volume (mixed & compiled by Vincenzo) followed in early 2002. This however, didn't mean that he lost focus on his own productions, Vincenzo finished the last touches on his second album "Welcome To Zanarkand" and it was released in October, 2002. The single from the album was called "The Charmer" and was release the same year, as well as the Silver Network release "Snider & Satin Souls" together with Marc Schneider and Elmar Schubert.

Besides remixes for labels such as Naked Music, !K7 and productions on Liebe*Detail, Was Not Was and Winding Records, and released a collaboration with Steve Ferrand called "Things Like That" on Dessous recordings in 2005. The ep gained a lot of international respect and proved once more that Vincenzo knows how to rock dance floors all over the world. In fact, he has even recorded a track with porn star Terri Summers.

In 2006, Vincenzo released the ep "Time Out" on Dessous Recordings, which became an essential summer tune, followed by two successfull releases on CSM and Liebe*Detail.

After living and producing in Barcelona for a few years, Vincenzo moved to Berlin in the summer of 2007. Now back in Germany, he nished an dj mix for a new double album on Dessous Recordings called "Dessous Best Kept Secrets", which featured his own tracks "The Resident" and "Fugism" alongside exclusive and successfull tunes from Dessous 12th season.

As we know Vincenzo, this compilation will surely not be his last stroke of genius. Let's see how the Berlin air will influuence his productions...

KONTRAST presents VINCENZO (Dessous / Poker Flat)

Saturday 23rd July 

Kings Cross Hotel
248 William Street Kings Cross Sydney


VINCENZO (Dessous / Poker Flat)
Nick McMartin (Audio)
Joey Tupaea (Kontrast Dj)
Pash Mann (Nigadiary Records / Kontrast)
Deefloy (ResidenT

$15 on the guest list before 11pm / $20 after

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