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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Pete Nouveau has come along way since securing his first gig back in 2000. He has been showcasing his skills in the biggest and most respected clubs in Sydney, playing alongside some of the most famous names in the Australian dance scene. He has supported international acts such as dj's Spencer Parker, Ben Watt, Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin, Stacey Pullen, Steve Rachmad and Richard Dinsdale.

After concentrating on djing for a few years Pete took the next step and in 2004, started writing and producing his own tracks. After playing around for a few years Pete got serious about his music. He finished his first full length track "You're Listening" in 2007 and was quickly picked up by German label Elektrotribe, who had the track signed to their "Tech my house 2" compilation, released in May 2008. Also that year Pete went on to remix the tracks "Helpless In Remscheid" (Elektrotribe Records) and "Watch Your Step" (Low Pressings).

In 2009 Pete Nouveau released his first EP "WHEN SOUNDS COLLIDE" through Elektrotribe Records, and a second EP UNKKLE on the Beat Code Records Label.

He also remixed the tracks "Go Straight": (Homes Art Music) "Heat Wave" (Elektrotribe records) and "Happy Shopper" (Beat Code Records)

In late 2010 Pete Nouveau is due to release his 3rd EP "Moving Forward" through Elektrotribe Records.

Record Label:
Elektrotribe Records (Germany)

Ep Release's:
When Sounds Collide - Elektrotribe Records - 2009
Unkkle Ep - Beat Code Records - 2009

Track Release's:
You're Listening - Original Mix - Elektrotribe Records - 2008
Helpless In Remscheid - Pete Nouveau Redline Remix - Elektrotribe Records - 2008
Watch Your Step - Pete Nouveau Remix - Low Pressings Records - 2008
Funbox - Original Mix - Elektrotribe Records - 2009
Go Straight - Pete Nouveau Co-op Remix - Homes Art Music - 2009
Heat Wave - Pete Nouveau Remix - Elektrotribe Records - 2009
Happy Shopper - Pete Nouveau Get Deeper Remix - Beat Code Records - 2009


So how did it all begin?

I was always into electronic music, i started going to raves when i was 13, got my first pair of turntables at 15 and have never looked back.

What was the first club you ever played at?

First club i ever played was down south at caringbah bizzos, i can’t remember the name of the night but it was a crazy party.

What was your first record/cd you bought?

Michael Jackson Bad was the first album i ever went out and bought myself, before that i just listened to what ever mum or dad had. Elton John, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton.

Out of all the music you have, which track ‘never fails?'

Mushrooms - Justin Martin Mix never fails to raise the roof off.

What's your favourite track of all time?

Nesrib - Original Mix - Sis. a big shout out goes to cam for getting me this track as its almost impossible to find.

Funniest thing that ever happened while Dj’ing?

i had some girl come up to me while i was playing and asked if i could play some sneaky sound system. i said no. 2mins later her boyfriend came up and gave me $50 and said thanks for not listening to her and playing that crap.

Other DJs you rate?

Matt Weir, Telefunken, Robbie Lowe and the rest...

So how is the party scene in your eyes at the moment?

I feel it’s being picking up this year. There are some new promoters putting on some awesome new parties.

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

At home with some close mates and my beautiful girlfriend listen to some down tempo beats lying on my front porch.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?

Don't let other people tell you what to play and just stay true to yourself...


Saturday 9th October

Melt 12 Kellett St, Kings Cross, NSW, 2011



Joey Kaz ( KONTRAST DJ / Resident)
Joey Tupaea (KONTRAST DJ / Resident)
Matt Weir
Danny Lang

Doors open 9pm - 5am

$10 before 12 / $15 after

Drink specials between 9pm – 11pm which include $9 cocktails, $25 cocktail jugs & $6.50 tap beer.

All booking inquiries e-mail:

for further information about KONTRAST join our group page!/group.php?gid=134920049867558&ref=ts

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